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Playing professional tennis is my dream... blogging is my way of documenting my journey as I try to go from the Ivy League to the professional tour. Follow my blog to learn about the highs and lows of this incredible opportunity and for insights into the life of someone just starting the grind in trying to climb the ranks of professional tennis.

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2017 Wrapup

By Tyler | January 12, 2018

As expected, 2017 was a pretty up and down year. My original goal for the year was to be top 1000 and I just squeaked in at 987. To that end, I would say that my first half year on the professional tennis circuit was a success. I think I proved to myself that I…

Malaysia F1/F2/F3

By Tyler | November 5, 2017

Jeez. First 3 week stint in a completely new country for me and it has been an absolutely wild ride. Since there’s been so many experiences I think it’s better if I split this post into categories instead of by tournaments. I visited two cities in Malaysia (Kuching and Kuala Lumpur) which were pretty wildly…

Update (10/15)

By Tyler | October 15, 2017

Long long overdue update but, truthfully, not too much has happened. Last I wrote, I cut my trip in China short due to a right elbow injury. Unfortunately, that injury turned out to be a stress reaction which forced me out for 6 weeks. There is nothing as tough as injury. It’s less so the…

China F11/F12

By Tyler | July 14, 2017

Unfortunately, because of my full body cramp, I had to pull out of China F10. My quarterfinal match was on Friday and, in the event that I lose, I had to fly to China that night and start qualifying Saturday morning. Obviously, sitting in the hospital with an IV drip in me, that wasn’t happening.…

Chinese Taipei F1/F2

By Tyler | July 14, 2017

A short summary of the first leg of my Asia trip: Chinese Taipei F1: Quarterfinals Chinese Taipei F2: Quarterfinals As these tournaments were $25K Futures, I walked away from my first two tournaments as a professional tennis player with 6 ATP points. Chinese Taipei F1: I was definitely very nervous going into the first qualifying…

The Definitive Guide to College Tennis

By Tyler | June 6, 2017

And by “definitive”, I mean my completely inconclusive guide to college tennis. Let’s take a look back to 2012 first: I was just beginning my recruiting process and I was very clear with my goals. I refused any offers from non-Ivy League schools and was very straightforward in telling schools that I was only looking…

4/22-23 (Cornell/Columbia)

By Tyler | April 24, 2017

I think once the full realization of my team career being over hits me, I’ll sit down and write a reflective post on my college tennis experience. For now, though, my thoughts on this past weekend: 2-5. That’s how Yale Men’s Tennis will end our 2017 Ivy League season. It’s certainly not a pretty record,…

4/15-4/16 (Princeton/Penn)

By Tyler | April 21, 2017

After Saturday’s close 4-3 loss to Princeton, our Ivy League record stood at 1-3 with 3 straight losses. The disappointment stemming from three straight conferences losses, effectively seeing our dreams of an Ivy League title or NCAA berth crushed, was overwhelming. Perhaps it was their confidence or their experience, but ultimately Princeton was the team…

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My name is Tyler Lu, and I graduated from Yale in 2017. I played #1 singles my entire career, and was voted All-Ivy First Team Singles three times (injured my junior year). During my career at Yale, I was selected as ITA Northeast Region Rookie of the Year in 2013, compiled over 70 wins in my career, recorded numerous wins over players ranked in the NCAA top 50, represented Yale at a number of NCAA individual tournaments, and served as captain for the Yale Men’s Tennis Team in 2016-2017.

This blog is my way of keeping track of my journey as I pursue my dream of playing professional tennis. Thank you for reading! Please contact me with any questions, comments, or comments you may have! I personally make an effort to read and respond to all people who take the time to write me. Sponsorship opportunities are always, always immensely appreciated as well!